Holiday Hours

We will have regular open hours December 17-20, with additional hours from 12-4 on December 21st, the last day to adopt before Christmas. On Christmas Eve day from 12-4, we will be open by APPOINTMENT ONLY for adopter pickups for kitties who are on hold. Please call us at 635-5000 to arrange for your pickup that day. Happy Holidays!

Surrender intakes closed till 1/1/15

We apologize, but we are not taking applications for new intakes until January 1, 2015. We have a waiting list of 50+ cats & kittens from last summer and need to get them in first. If you need to surrender a cat, please contact our partner rescues for possible space or contact our behaviorist, Melissa Shandley, at 719-686-8778 for information on how to help solve any problems your cat may have.

Also, please remind everyone you know to spay or neuter their young cats (kittens as young as 4 months) so they don't keep adding to the feline overpopulation problem. Thank you!


Woohoos & Happy Tales

Luke & Kenzo at home for Christmas

Luke & Kenzo

on December 16, 2014

Happy Cats friend and foster mom Lana first saw Luke when she was on her way to feed the cats at her outside community cat colony. A car ahead of her slowed down, hit the brakes and threw a black cat out the Read More→



on December 10, 2014

Jack, Tom & Mariposa were adopted this week. Jog on, kitties! Please CLICK HERE to see the rest of our adoptable cats and kittens.     Read More→


Fiona loves us all

on November 28, 2014

Another picture of Fiona. This one being her deciding to enjoy our dog Lexi's body heat! LaDonna Robertson Read More→


Fiona is a joy to the family!

on November 28, 2014

We got a rescue kitty earlier this year, who has been very rambunctious and we knew she needed a playmate; hence, after a lot of searching, we ran across Fiona, a tiger stripped/Bengal at Happy Cats Haven who Read More→

Samuel at Home


on November 25, 2014

Samuel — Sam — bounced from home to home before coming to Happy Cats. He was a beautiful white-patched brown tabby with the size and looks of a Maine Coon. Unfortunately, despite Sam’s beauty and Read More→