Miss Molly @ Happy Cats

Miss Molly

Howdy, I’m Miss Molly! I came here with my sister Tutti Frutti and we’re quite the pair of little fluffballs. We both have long tufty […]

Tutti Frutti @ Happy Cats

Tutti Frutti

Hi there, I’m Tutti Frutti! I came here with my sister Miss Molly, two of the sweetest, fluffiest little girls you’re likely to meet. We […]

Fiore @ Happy Cats


Nice to meet you, I’m Fiore! I’m one of the beauty queens here at Happy Cats, with my luxurious tuxedo coat and perfect bandito mask….not […]

Ziti @ Happy Cats


Hello stranger, I’m Ziti! I was abandoned on the street as a catolescent, left to fend for myself with my little ones. Happy Cats found […]

Loretta @ Happy Cats

Loretta is adopted!

Howdy, I’m Loretta. I’m the little rodeo queen of my family, the Classic Country Kittens, with my pretty fluffy coat, stripes and striking tortie markings, […]

Dolly @ Happy Cats

Dolly is adopted!

Hi there, I’m Dolly! I came here with my sisters Loretta and Dolly and my brother WIllie, the Classic Country Kittens. I’m a pretty little […]

Poof @ Happy Cats


Hiya, I’m Poof! I’m a stunning Catolescent of about 8 months old. You can tell by my blue eyes that I have some Siamese in […]

Molly @ Happy Cats


Hello, my name is Molly! I’m a sweet petite tortie girl with the round build, round eyes and gentle disposition of an American Shorthair Cat, […]

Kendall @ Happy Cats


Hi, I’m Kendall, one of the Ski Town Kittens here at Happy Cats, along with all my brothers, Vail, Copper, Keystone and Aspen! We were […]

Christina @ Happy Cats


Nice to meet you, I’m Christina! I’m an adorable little tortoiseshell kitten who looks a lot like my almost-twin sister Louisa, even down to the […]

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Surrender intakes closed till 1/1/15

We apologize, but we are not taking applications for new intakes until January 1, 2015. We have a waiting list of 50+ cats & kittens from last summer and need to get them in first. If you need to surrender a cat, please contact our partner rescues for possible space or contact our behaviorist, Melissa Shandley, at 719-686-8778 for information on how to help solve any problems your cat may have.

Also, please remind everyone you know to spay or neuter their young cats (kittens as young as 4 months) so they don't keep adding to the feline overpopulation problem. Thank you!


Diesel @ Happy Cats


Howdy, I’m Diesel! I’m a big, sleek black cat who just wants to find my special person. I’m your dog in a cat costume, the […]

Andy @ Happy Cats


Hi y’all, I’m Andy! I’m an adorable little black cat with the softest, fluffiest coat in the West. It’s mostly black with smokey undertones and […]

Guru @ Happy Cats


Hi stranger, I’m Guru! I’m a big handsome tuxedo cat with luminous green eyes. I came here with my friend Eryka because my people had […]

Aspen @ Happy Cats


Nice to meet you, I’m Aspen! I’m a handsome little tabby kitten with a white patch on my chest and little white booties. I’m the […]

Vail @ Happy Cats


Hiya, I’m Vail! I’m one of the Ski Town Kittens, along with my brothers Aspen, Keystone and Copper and my sister Kendall. I’m a sleek […]

Keystone @ Happy Cats


Hello, I’m Keystone. I’m the most laid back of the Ski Town Kittens, with my brothers Vail, Copper and Aspen and my sister Kendall. I’m […]

Copper @ Happy Cats


Howdy, I’m Copper! I’m one of the Ski Town Kittens here at Happy Cats, along with all my brothers and my sister Kendall. We were […]

Jake @ Happy Cats


Howdy, I’m Jake! I’m a dapper white cat with a black saddle and big fluffy tail, a lot like a Turkish Van, only no fussy […]



Hi, I’m Kittridge! I’m the movie star of Happy Cats, a big handsome Snowshoe fellow with a seal point coat, tidy white socks in front […]

Luke @ Happy Cats


Hi there, I’m Luke! I’m a big handsome black cat with the sleek coat, round build and eyes of a Bombay, though I’m no fancy […]

Woohoos & Happy Tales

Murray & DaVinci

Murray Lasagna and DaVinci

on November 22, 2014

Murray Lasagna Nelson Murray, formerly Lasagna, has been with us since early October. We have 3 other cats in our home and read books about how to help everybody get along better before Read More→



on November 22, 2014

Loretta, Dolly, Fern, Fiona, Enya, Enzo, Pinky, FELINA & EILEEN were adopted this week. Jog on, kitties! Please CLICK HERE to see the rest of our adoptable cats and kittens.     Read More→


Queen of the Castle

on October 28, 2014

Zoey (aka Maebe) has continued to charm everyone she meets. Although she has been part of our family for over 6 months now, Zoey's personality keeps coming out more and more each day. She was never a shy Read More→

Merlot @ Happy Cats


on October 23, 2014

Merlot came to Happy Cats from a house with too many kitties. He was a black cat with silky fur, a single white toe, and a mellow, loving personality. He settled into his colony instantly, playing with the Read More→


Murray likes the iPad

on October 19, 2014

Murray is so playful. The Friskies cat games on the iPad are hilarious to watch him play! He looks behind the screen to find out where the bugs went! Laura Nelson Read More→